Invertebrate and Vertebrate


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Invertebrate adjective – Lacking a backbone or spinal column.
Usage example: worms are an example of invertebrate animals

Vertebrate is an antonym for invertebrate.
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Vertebrate adjective – Having a backbone or spinal column.
Invertebrate is an antonym for vertebrate.
Nearby Words: vertebra, vertebral
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  • Most of the main invertebrate groups appeared then, as well as the first vertebrate ancestors.
  • Literature / The Scar The Cray are pretty much half vertebrate, and they have the extra limbs on the invertebrate part of their bodies.
  • Many possible ancestors of known invertebrate groups show up in the record, including comb-jellies, sponges, corals, anemones, and molluscs, and one fossil might even be a chordate (vertebrate ancestor).
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