Jack and Tar


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Jack noun – One who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel.
Usage example: the streets of the old seaport were once full of jacks, harlots, and other dockside denizens

Tar is a synonym for jack in sea topic. In some cases you can use "Tar" instead a noun "Jack", when it comes to topics like sailor. popular alternative
Nearby Words: jacket, jacked, jackal, jacking, Jackie
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Tar noun – One who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel.
Usage example: a book about the adventurous lives of tars, skippers, and pirates of the 18th century

Jack is a synonym for tar in sea topic. You can use "Jack" instead a noun "Tar", if it concerns topics such as person who travels by sea. popular alternative
Nearby Words: tarred, tared
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  • Film / Last Action Hero Bullet-Proof Fashion Plate: Played with: Jack falls into a tar pit, comes out completely covered in tar, and begins to wipe himself off.
  • Screaming Warrior Jack Slater's daughter is attacked by one of the Big Bad's goons, and starts out a Screaming Woman... then continues to scream while beating the tar out of him (so his buddies will think he's still slapping her around and not interfere).
  • Film / Boogie Nights Cluster F-Bomb: Jack and Rollergirl both drop one while beating the tar out of the frat boy who insults them during the abortive "On the Lookout" experiment.
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