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Joke noun – Something said or done to cause laughter.
Usage example: he was known for his hilarious jokes

Mockery is a synonym for joke in respect topic. In some cases you can use "Mockery" instead a noun "Joke", when it comes to topics like pretence, laughingstock, derision, ridicule. popular alternative
Nearby Words: joking, joker, jokey, joked, jokingly
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Mockery noun – A poor, insincere, or insulting imitation of something.
Usage example: the resort's Old West show for tourists is a mockery of Native American culture

Joke is a synonym for mockery in respect topic. You can use "Joke" instead a noun "Mockery", if it concerns topics such as pretence, laughingstock, derision, travesty. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mock, mocking, mocker, mockingly
Synonyms for Mockery

How words are described

common common joke common mockery
complete complete joke complete mockery
utter utter joke utter mockery
total total joke total mockery
Other adjectives: crude, simple, little, absolute, dark, cruel, clever, deliberate, frequent, racist, intentional, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • The mockery of Austin that follows more or less fits the tone of previous Portland worship, but the Texan guy still doesn't seem to get the joke.
  • Bite The Wax Tadpole While initially subject to relentless mockery, it didn't sink the product, the joke played itself out, and soon people were saying "Wii" with all seriousness and solemnity.
  • Recap / Doctor Who S30 E7 "The Unicorn and the Wasp" Oblivious Mockery: Donna's joke about meeting Charles Dickens "and he's surrounded by ghosts - at Christmas." The Doctor wisely doesn't admit he's done just that.
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