Keep and Stop


Keep verb - To mark with an appropriate practice, rite, or ceremony.

Stop is an antonym for keep in topics: commemorate, tend.

Nearby Words: keeping, keeper


Stop verb - To bring (something) to a standstill.
Usage example: traffic was stopped for over an hour by the overturned truck

Keep is an antonym for stop.

Nearby Words: stopped, stopper, stopping, stopover

How words are described

human human keep human stop
old old keep old stop
good good keep good stop
full full keep full stop
Other adjectives: best, better, short, complete, single, small, massive, big, great, bad, main, key, major, worst, nearby.

Common collocations

man keep man stop man
people keep people stop people
time keep time stop time
characters keep characters stop characters
Other words: world, game, anyone, everyone, humans, friends, players, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Quirky Bard Unlike normal buff spells, the bard had to constantly keep "singing" almost non-stop and keep refreshing the songs over and over again every few SECONDS.
    Source: Quirky Bard
  • Film / Super Super Zeroes 10-Minute Retirement: Frank asks for a sign to know whether he should stop or keep going, it comes later than he expects so he has to return for his outfit.
    Source: Film / Super
  • Usually, the solid lines approaching the intersection are measured to provide a guide; if the light turns yellow and you haven't reached the solid lines, you should be able to stop in time, otherwise, consider yourself too far along to stop and keep going.
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