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Kill verb – To show (something written) to be no longer valid by drawing a cross over or a line through it.
Usage example: I think that paragraph is irrelevant, so kill it

Obliterate is a synonym for kill in destroy topic. In some cases you can use "Obliterate" instead a verb "Kill", when it comes to topics like help, delete, slay. popular alternative
Nearby Words: killing, killed, killer
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Obliterate verb – To destroy all traces of.
Usage example: in a stroke, the March snowstorm obliterated our hopes for an early spring

Kill is a synonym for obliterate in destroy topic. You can use "Kill" instead a verb "Obliterate", if it concerns topics such as help. popular alternative
Nearby Words: obliteration, obliterating
Synonyms for Obliterate

Common collocations

party kill party obliterate party
life kill life obliterate life
baby kill baby obliterate baby
human kill human obliterate human
Other nouns: way, monster, boss, demon, brother, target, anyone, opponent, enemy, everyone, players, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Team Fortress Classic Electro Magnetic Pulse: The secondary grenades of the engineer, which can set a detpack's timer to one, destroy a player's ammo (which can range from doing minor damage to a one-hit kill depending on the class), and can easily obliterate an enemy engineer's buildings.
  • Power of the Void He is a Person of Mass Destruction, whose declared goal is to kill every single demon (himself too eventually) and obliterate the demon world.
  • If you kill it, then, depending on its age, it might possibly obliterate everything within a 5-mile radius.
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