Kill and Start


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Kill verb – To cause to stop functioning.
Usage example: kill the engine before it overheats

Start is an antonym for kill in topics: cancel, destroy.
Nearby Words: killing, killed, killer
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Start verb – To cause to function.
Usage example: trying to start the car on a frigid morning

Kill is an antonym for start.
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
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Similar words of kill
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Similar words of start
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How words are described

good good kill good start
high high kill high start
nice nice kill nice start
fresh fresh kill fresh start
Other adjectives: clean, best, fast, original, free, true, actual, real, big, great, bad, quick, decent, easy, early, final, next, last, literal.

Common collocations

character kill character start character
life kill life start life
people kill people start people
family kill family start family
Other nouns: time, way, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Mega Man We later find out that he had a self-destruct for the building that he could've just used right at the start and kill them all before they even realized anything was wrong.
  • Occasionally animals realize humans are pretty easy to kill and start eating them, they tend to keep doing so until they die.
  • He does, however start to slide down that slippery slope when he attempts to kill the doctor that the Gunslinger is trying to kill for making him in "A Town Called Mercy." Luckily, Amy is there to snap him out of it.
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