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Kill verb – To reject by or as if by a vote.
Usage example: the Senate killed the bill by a single vote

Support is an antonym for kill in cancel topic.
Nearby Words: killing, killed, killer
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Support verb – To promote the interests or cause of.
Kill is an antonym for support.
Nearby Words: supported, supporter, supporting, supportive, supportable
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Similar words of kill
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Similar words of support
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How words are described

good good kill good support
special special kill special support
best best kill best support
direct direct kill direct support
Other adjectives: total, critical, powerful, actual, great, decent, personal, less, military, occasional.

Common collocations

friend kill friend support friend
party kill party support party
life kill life support life
man kill man support man
Other nouns: people, wife, children, family, child, brother, anyone, son, daughter, sister, friends, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Caps Lock, Num Lock, Missiles Lock Davros' chair is equipped with a button that will turn off his life support and kill him in 30 seconds.
  • Additionally, the popular Recursion Stat-tracker Game Mod tracks kill and support achievements when the user is logged into Recursion, which run the gamut from simple double-kills to making players fall to their death to killstreaks of five hundred.
  • Zek determines that he isn't due to his impulsive attempts to simply kill Quark instead of subtly amassing power and support before getting rid of him.
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