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Knack noun – A special and usually inborn ability.
Usage example: a jazz musician with an incredible knack for improvisation

Skill is a synonym for knack in ability topic. In some cases you can use "Skill" instead a noun "Knack", when it comes to topics like technique, talent, agility, dexterity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: knacker, knackery
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Skill noun – Subtle or imaginative ability in inventing, devising, or executing something.
Usage example: with unbelievable skill, the expert in origami transformed a few sheets of paper into a menagerie of exotic animals

Knack is a synonym for skill in ability topic. You can use "Knack" instead a noun "Skill", if it concerns topics such as expertise, talent, agility, dexterity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: skilled, skillfully, skilful, skilly
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How words are described

good good knack good skill
special special knack special skill
best best knack best skill
particular particular knack particular skill
Other adjectives: natural, certain, actual, real, extreme, great, little, remarkable, innate, new, unique, incredible, final, amazing, martial, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Stupid Crooks A good caper usually takes the talent and skill of the likes of a Classy Cat-Burglar or even a Phantom Thief to pull off, and you either have a knack for it or you don't.
    Source: Stupid Crooks
  • In 7th Sea, the Servant skill has a Knack (sub-skill) called Unobtrusive, which relies on this trope.
  • Also, Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, despite not being anywhere near as bookish as Ami, has a pretty impressive repertoire and a knack for picking up almost any skill she wants in record time.
    Source: Teen Genius
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