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Knife verb – Use a knife on.
Spear is a synonym for knife in cut topic. In some cases you can use "Spear" instead the word "Knife" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like pierce, stab.
Nearby Words: knifing, knifed
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Spear verb – To penetrate or hold (something) with a pointed object.
Usage example: she speared a pea with her fork and angrily flung it

Knife is a synonym for spear. You can use "Knife" instead the word "Spear" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: spearhead, spears, speared, spearing
Synonyms for Spear

Both words in one sentence

  • Almost anyone can make a simple spear or knife from sticks, stones, or bones.
  • Film / Cyborg Gibson is almost killed by a random mook with a gun early in the movie, Fender wounds Gibson with one, and Gibson happily mows down several knife and spear wielding pirates with his gun.
    Source: Film / Cyborg
  • Cool Guns / Machine Guns Given his enemies were hordes of spear and knife-armed Dayaks in the first case and a badly-motivated force with few many knives and a few antiquated muskets, his enemies couldn't afford to face him in open battle.
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