Lad and Son


Lad noun - A male person who has not yet reached adulthood.
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Synonyms for Lad

Son is a synonym for lad in guy topic. In some cases you can use "Son" instead a noun "Lad", when it comes to topics like young man, boy.

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Son noun - A male human offspring.
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Synonyms for Son

Lad is a synonym for son in guy topic. You can use "Lad" instead a noun "Son", if it concerns topics such as boy, offspring, male child. informal substitute

How words are described

beloved beloved lad beloved son
old old lad old son
good good lad good son
handsome handsome lad handsome son
Other adjectives: dead, poor, evil, little, innocent, new, last, older, rebellious, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Darby O'Gill and the Little People Michael falls in love with Katie, which is all right with Darby; but the lad has a rival in a local ruffian, the son of a devious widow who wants her boy to be the caretaker.
  • He's also "Dave Likely's son"... or Likely's lad; a "likely lad" being either a skilled sportsman or a known troublemaker - and Trev's both.
  • Series / Monty Python's Flying Circus Billy Elliot Plot: Inverted in one sketch; instead of a coal mining father with black lung disapproving of his son going into theater, it's a playwright father with writer's cramp disapproving of his son working in the coal mines.Father: There's nowt wrong wi' gala luncheons, lad!
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