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Language noun – The way in which something is put into words.
Usage example: we're finding the language of the legal documents to be tough going

Wording is a synonym for language in style topic. In some cases you can use "Wording" instead a noun "Language", when it comes to topics like expression, vocabulary, phrasing, system of words for communication. popular alternative
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Wording noun – The way in which something is put into words.
Usage example: it's important to get the wording of this law precisely correct

Language is a synonym for wording in phrasing topic. You can use "Language" instead a noun "Wording", if it concerns topics such as expression, vocabulary, way of expressing a thought. popular alternative
Nearby Words: word, wordy, worded
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How words are described

old old language old wording
particular particular language particular wording
similar similar language similar wording
natural natural language natural wording
Other adjectives: specific, original, polite, strong, actual, real, bad, archaic, new, official, weird, strange, different, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • While certain concepts are simplified (very few real plurals, for instance), the grammar is switched around, and both the words and wording are often grounded in concepts that are either different or entirely external to the English language.
  • Franchise / Professor Layton Lampshaded a couple times in Unwound Future: the results screen of one such puzzle stresses that, puzzles aside, you shouldn't use such misleading language; and Layton himself points out during his duel with Future Luke that an ambiguous wording in a puzzle can render it unsolvable.
  • Magic A Is Magic A Then you have to consider how far away the target you're enchanting is and even the very wording you're using in the ancient language, all of which can determine how much energy you could spend on a task.
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