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Largely adverb – For the most part.
Specially is an antonym for largely.
Nearby Words: large, largeness
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Specially adverb – In regard to something mentioned explicitly or in detail.
Usage example: the supplementary material was specially intended to address earlier accusations of cultural bias

Largely is an antonym for specially.
Nearby Words: special, specialty, speciality, specialist, specialization
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  • She dotes on other family members, insists on giving largely inedible fruitcakes and was a pain in Ky's side, but she turns out to be the company spy and has an Expansion Pack Past, and the fruitcakes turn out to be specially formulated to hide things like documents and diamonds.
  • Tabletop Game / Space 1889 Applied Phlebotinum: Largely absent, except for Edison's Etheric Propeller, whose workings are not disclosed and Martian liftwood, a Martian tree whose specially treated wood can be used to make flying ships.
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