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Minimum is an antonym for largest.
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Minimum adjective – Being the least in amount, number, or size possible.
Usage example: spent the minimum amount necessary to acquire the property

Largest is an antonym for minimum in topics: lowest, least, lowest amount.
Nearby Words: minimize, minimise, minimal, minim, minimization
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  • Artistic License – Geography If Grey didn't want to smash into the largest active volcano in Washington state, he should have been—at minimum—13,277 feet up.
  • Token Trio But you can't cast just any kids— you want three, all implied to be friends, and for a mix of reasons— political correctness, as well as representing the largest target demographics in the Western world with a minimum of actual effort.
    Source: Token Trio
  • Your range is the number of sides on the dice (or rather, the largest number on the die), your strength is the die's minimum roll, and your levels are the number of dice you roll.
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