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Last adjective – Following all others of the same kind in order or time.
Next is an antonym for last in recent topic.
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Next adjective – Being the one that comes immediately after another.
Usage example: she was next in line for concert tickets

Last is an antonym for next.
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Similar words of last
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Similar words of next
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Things that words describes

person last person next person
part last part next part
minute last minute next minute
scene last scene next scene
Other nouns: panel, line, episode, moment, season, time, level, game, chapter, shot, book, album, battle, night, year, day, film, mission, minutes, years, week, days, page, episodes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Finale Credits Sonic X does this with both the last and next-to-last episodes, at least in the original version.
  • Between My Legs A very, very long sequence in every Parodius game (usually in the last or next-to-last stage) involves the player's ship/penguin/octopus/paper plane flying between the legs of a humongous Belly Dancer as she stomps around, filling the screen.
  • The bad reception of this movie resulted in a 5-year hiatus before the next and last film...
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