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Late adjective – Having been such at some previous time.
Usage example: the late musical director said he would never have allowed such behavior while he was in charge

Present is an antonym for late in dead topic.
Nearby Words: lately, lateness
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Present adjective – Being within the confines of a specified place.
Usage example: all of you are required to be present for every meeting

Late is an antonym for present in existing topic.
Nearby Words: presentation, presence, presented, presently, presentable
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Similar words of present
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Things that words describes

date late date present date
series late series present series
scene late scene present scene
stage late stage present stage
Other nouns: period, level, technology, game, story, age, year, enemies, games.

Both words in one sentence

  • In "April Fool's Day", Arnold gives her a gag present claiming it's a week-late birthday present, but never mentions how old she is now.
  • However, it has never been set in the present after, instead being in the near-present: seasons 1-4 covered late 2004 to really early 2005 and the main action of season 5 takes place in 2007 and 1977.
    Source: Present Day
  • Bait and Switch: Usually, it's SC who opens his riffs, but sometimes, he'll either not be present for reasons, be late to his own riff, or - in the case of one of his recent riffs - the riff will be hijacked out from under him, and so his present guests will end up introducing it instead.
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