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Later adverb – Following in time or place.
Usage example: we're going to go to the mall later on

Next is a synonym for later in subsequent topic. In some cases you can use "Next" instead the word "Later" as an adverb or an adjective, when it comes to topics like subsequently, precede, afterwards, happening after. popular alternative
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Next adverb – At the time or occasion immediately following.
Later is a synonym for next in following topic. You can use "Later" instead the word "Next" as an adverb or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as order, time, precede, then. popular alternative
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Things that words describes

life later life next life
part later part next part
appearance later appearance next appearance
series later series next series
Other nouns: scene, stage, issue, episode, season, time, level, strip, game, story, chapter, book, novel, battle, film, mission, movie, arc, years, days, books, chapters, seasons, episodes, albums.

Both words in one sentence

  • Commercial Pop-Up Often, they advertise what show is on next or later that day on the same channel.
  • Comic Book / Spider-Woman When she was caught by Ricochet, she had sex with him in order to waylay his suspicions, an act she later regretted.She was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative during the Civil War, but the next time Mattie appeared was during the Grim Hunt arc, and she was less lucky than the rest.
  • Franchise / The Flash Barry Allen, the next Flash, originally got his powers from a similar lab accident, though this was later retconned so that the origin of his powers is his time-traveling future self.
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