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Lea noun – A broad area of level or rolling treeless country.
Usage example: across the lea rolls a lonely wagon

Meadow is a synonym for lea in steppe topic. In some cases you can use "Meadow" instead a noun "Lea", when it comes to topics like open land that can be cultivated, field for animals. popular alternative
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Meadow noun – A field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay.
Lea is a synonym for meadow in field topic. You can use "Lea" instead a noun "Meadow", if it concerns topics such as steppe, grassy field. literary substitute
Nearby Words: mead, meadowy
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  • Gender-Blender Name Most were originally place names (it refers to a meadow, or clearing, "lea"), later becoming hereditary surnames, still later used as male names, and finally female names.
  • Land, Sea, Sky To a lesser extent, Roxas (An anagram of "Sora" with an X added, while also meaning "red" itself, so could be interpreted to be "twilit Sky"), Axel/Lea (Meadow), and a split between Naminé (nami = wave) and Xion (shio = tide).
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