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Lead verb – To serve as leader of.
Usage example: a senior programmer is leading the team that is developing the new accounting software

Run is a synonym for lead in reach topic. In some cases you can use "Run" instead a verb "Lead", when it comes to topics like command. popular alternative
Nearby Words: leading, leader, leaden, leadership, leaded
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Run verb – To be positioned along a certain course or in a certain direction.
Usage example: the road runs along the river for a while

Lead is a synonym for run in manage topic. You can use "Lead" instead a verb "Run", if it concerns topics such as reach, be in charge of. popular alternative
Nearby Word: running
Synonyms for Run

How words are described

good good lead good run
clear clear lead clear run
particular particular lead particular run
normal normal lead normal run
Other adjectives: current, original, initial, true, single, actual, real, big, little, main, decent, new, early, late, solo, previous.

Common collocations

life lead life run life
operation lead operation run operation
people lead people run people
race lead race run race
Other nouns: company, organization, way, world, country, empire, times, attacks.

Both words in one sentence

  • Golden Snitch However, the point lead one accumulates determines how much of a lead you have for the last run.
    Source: Golden Snitch
  • This can lead to the situation where solo players cannot get items with high enough scores to run the very dungeons they need to run to get better items.
  • The FBI try to use them to spy on the Horsemen, except they manage to slip one of the trackers into a lead agent's pocket, causing him to run around New Orleans chasing himself.
    Source: Control Freak
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