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Least adjective – The superlative of `little' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning smallest in amount or extent or degree.
Maximum is an antonym for least in limit topic.
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Maximum adjective – Of the greatest or highest degree or quantity.
Usage example: the maximum amount of time needed to complete the project

Least is an antonym for maximum in topics: greatest, highest, upper limit.
Nearby Words: maximize, maximise, maximal, maximization, maximally
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  • Videogame / Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Requires dying less than three times in levels and finding at least 90% of the gems for maximum score. Gems.
  • Badass Cape It's also the least useful cape in the game, actually setting infamy to maximum in all cities.
    Source: Badass Cape
  • Hollywood Darkness Maximum Tune 4's Hakone is still lit up, but at least there's street lamps to justify it.
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