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Leave verb – To cause to remain behind.
Usage example: starry-eyed lovers who promise never to leave one another

Yield is a synonym for leave in abandon topic. In some cases you can use "Yield" instead a verb "Leave".
Nearby Words: leaving, leaven, leaved, leaver
Synonyms for Leave


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Yield verb – To give up and cease resistance (as to a liking, temptation, or habit).
Leave is a synonym for yield in make over topic. Sometimes you can use "Leave" instead a verb "Yield", if it concerns topics such as give in.
Nearby Words: yielding, yielded
Synonyms for Yield

How words are described

best best leave best yield
strong strong leave strong yield
final final leave final yield
biggest biggest leave biggest yield

Common collocations

time leave time yield time
money leave money yield money
game leave game yield game
nothing leave nothing yield nothing
Other nouns: evidence, car.

Both words in one sentence

  • It can affect miles of land and leave it radioactive for decades, depending on the yield.
    Source: Trick Bomb
  • Money Spider Especially in the fifth game, killed animals can leave behind a mess of guts and blood, which when searched can sometimes yield a coin or two, with the implication being that it had been swallowed.
    Source: Money Spider
  • Video Game / Phantasy Star II Defeating them before they do so will yield a mere 2 EXP, and leave you stuck in the Dam, with no way to advance the plot further.
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