Lesson and Reading


Lesson noun - Something assigned to be read or studied.
Usage example: your lesson for tonight will be the chapter on chemical reactions
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Synonyms for Lesson

Reading is a synonym for lesson in Bible reading topic. In some cases you can use "Reading" instead a noun "Lesson", when it comes to topics like exercise, event, information taught. popular alternative

Nearby Words: lessoning, lessoned


Reading noun - Something assigned to be read or studied.
Usage example: make sure you do the assigned reading for tonight
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Synonyms for Reading

Lesson is a synonym for reading in event topic. You can use "Lesson" instead a noun "Reading", if it concerns topics such as passage, recital, interpretation of written word. popular alternative

Nearby Words: read, reader, readable, readout, readability

How words are described

good good lesson good reading
full full lesson full reading
similar similar lesson similar reading
brief brief lesson brief reading
Other adjectives: short, free, obvious, simple, actual, great, little, strict, main, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Wilbur If the character doesn't miss the point, then they either forget it or another character shows up that needs to learn the same lesson, which leads to the re-reading instead.
  • Reading Is Cool Aesop A book is a Chekhov's Gun or contains a Chekhov's Lesson, and reading helps you solve the plot.
  • It Was with You All Along In Kung Fu Panda, this is the lesson of the Dragon Scroll, which merely shows the reflection of the one 'reading' it.
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