Life and Nothingness


Life noun - A history of a person's life.

Nothingness is an antonym for life.

Nearby Words: lifeless, lifetime, lifer, lifeline


Nothingness noun - The state of being dead.
Usage example: the inevitable nothingness that awaits all of us

Life is an antonym for nothingness.

Nearby Word: nothing

How words are described

perfect perfect life perfect nothingness
dark dark life dark nothingness
peaceful peaceful life peaceful nothingness
boring boring life boring nothingness
Other adjectives: eternal.

Both words in one sentence

  • We shall drink to life's confines, to life's pearly end, which is the nothingness of death, not the perpetual pansiness of Heaven!
  • Detonation Moon First it's shown collapsing in on itself into nothingness, followed by a brief pause, followed by a massive explosion that engulfs the tree that literally created life.
  • Complete that path, and the player character will butcher him to nothingness, despite him pleading for his life in tears.
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