Likely and Possible


Likely adjective - Having a high chance of occurring.
Usage example: if you don't graduate from high school, your likely fate is a low-paying job

Possible is a synonym for likely in probable topic. In some cases you can use "Possible" instead an adjective "Likely", when it comes to topics like conceivable, conditional, plausible. popular alternative

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Possible adjective - Capable of being done or carried out.
Usage example: I think that building the entire set in two days is possible, albeit difficult

Likely is a synonym for possible in conceivable topic. You can use "Likely" instead an adjective "Possible", if it concerns topics such as probability, potential, conditional. popular alternative

Nearby Words: possibility, possibly

Both words in one sentence

  • Even if any of this is possible or likely, a victim of abuse can justifiably be uncomfortable around abusers, even former and repentant ones.
  • Literature / Star Trek: Federation So it's somewhere between possible and likely that the Romulans did have a real Borg artifact, which may have in fact been obtained by the awesome means described.
  • Thankfully, it's also possible and likely to get the rather heartwarming Love Lost ending, where Harry and Dahlia peacefully divorce and assure Cheryl that they both still love her, but just can't stay married to each other anymore.
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