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Script and lines are semantically related In some cases you can use "Script" instead a noun "Lines". popular alternative
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Script noun – The form or style of a particular person's writing.
Lines and script are semantically related in text topic. You can use "Lines" instead a noun "Script", if it concerns topics such as story for a performance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: scripture, scripted, scrip, scripting
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  • Recycled Script Not exactly the entire script, but when Adam West guest starred on The Big Bang Theory, many of his lines were recycled from his previous guest appearance on The Simpsons.
  • Film / Hellraiser Butterball had some lines in the original script but due to the makeup preventing the actor from speaking, his lines were either cut or given to the female Cenobite.
  • Video Game / The Stanley Parable Apparently, certain lines where the Narrator becomes separated from Stanley were meant to play in the game's ending, but an error in the script causes the lines not to play.
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