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Link noun – A rod-shaped portion of seasoned ground meat in a casing.
Ties and link are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Ties" with "Link", this nouns are similar.
Nearby Words: linked, linkage, linking, linkup, linker
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Defintions of Ties not found.
Link and ties are semantically related in fastening topic. You can use "Link" instead the word "Ties" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as connect.
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  • Fanfic / The Bridge The damage is still done to Harmony's realm so she is out of the picture for a while and without any ties to link Enjin to his master, Monster X will still loyally serve Bagan.
  • Comicbook / The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Decoy Damsel: Link stumbles into an oasis from where Zelda is tied up with vines — but she turns out to be a Wizzrobe in disguise, who promptly ties up Link and conjures Vitreous from the swamp to devour him.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment Link wakes up before this can happen and ties the guard up, implying in their conversation that the guard is one of a few who swore to protect the forest and forces the guard to tell him how to get out of the woods.
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