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Local noun – A usually longtime resident of a locality.
Usage example: few locals seem to patronize the city's touristy restaurants, leaving them to diners who prefer atmosphere over food

Native is a synonym for local in folk topic. In some cases you can use "Native" instead the word "Local" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like place, resident, local person, person deeply rooted in community. popular alternative
Nearby Words: location, locality, locale, localize, localised
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Native adjective – Belonging to a particular place by birth or origin.
Usage example: though she now lived in the Northeast, she was a native Midwesterner

Local is a synonym for native in domestic topic. You can use "Local" instead the word "Native" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as folk, place, indigenous, inhabitant. popular alternative
Nearby Words: nativity, natively
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How words are described

alien alien local alien native
real real local real native
former former local former native
different different local different native
Other adjectives: southern, english.

Things that words describes

girl local girl native girl
man local man native man
woman local woman native woman
people local people native people
Other nouns: boy, children, culture, dialect, village, time, tribe, language, population, fauna, flora, humans, women, residents, wildlife, tribes, animals, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • Belly Dancer However, the traditional dance of several countries is similar; this is particularly true of the Egyptian raqs balady ("native/local dance"), which is practiced by both men and women and shares many moves with the other thing.
    Source: Belly Dancer
  • Many Native American place names traveled west with settlers, making them incongruous with those used by the local tribes.
  • Going Native He takes a native name and the woman who helped educate him in the local culture becomes his wife.
    Source: Going Native
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