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Long adjective – Of great extent from end to end.
Usage example: giraffes have long necks to help them reach leaves on tall trees

Short is an antonym for long in topics: prolonged, elongated, interminable, extended in space or time.
Nearby Word: longed
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Short adjective – Not lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: fortunately for those of us in the hot sun, the graduation speech was short and to the point

Long is an antonym for short in topics: brief, concise, abrupt, insufficient, crumbly.
Nearby Words: shorten, shortened, shortage, shortness, shorted
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Things that words describes

life long life short life
speech long speech short speech
run long run short run
series long series short series
Other nouns: sequence, scene, list, range, dress, term, time, period, game, story, distance, hair, trip, fight, conversation, version, song, war, sword, runner, years, lifespan, periods, distances.

Both words in one sentence

  • This is later averted by Strider, who comments that "my cuts, short or long, don't go wrong." His shortcuts are faster...but they're not necessarily pleasant.
  • Not only is good or bad subjective, so is long and short, and what is considered long is dependent on the medium, and if the work is great because of its short length or in spite of it.
  • Alternatively, winning a campaign, long or short, unlocked the entire set, except for some factions who weren't playable.
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