Loosen and Undo


Loosen verb - To make less taut.
Usage example: the lead climber loosened the climbing rope so that the other climber could have more room to maneuver

Undo is a synonym for loosen in tighten topic. In some cases you can use "Undo" instead a verb "Loosen", when it comes to topics like loose, disengage, untie, unfasten. popular alternative

Nearby Words: loose, looseness, loosely, loosening, loosener


Undo verb - To disengage the knotted parts of.
Usage example: undo a tangled shoelace

Loosen is a synonym for undo in tighten topic. You can use "Loosen" instead a verb "Undo", if it concerns topics such as open, loose, disengage, unbind. popular alternative

Nearby Words: undoing, undone

Common collocations

control loosen control undo control
seal loosen seal undo seal
hair loosen hair undo hair
bonds loosen bonds undo bonds
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