Loss and Value


Loss noun - The act or an instance of not having or being able to find.

Value is an antonym for loss.

Nearby Word: losing


Value noun - The amount of money for which something will find a buyer.

Loss is an antonym for value in advantage topic.

How words are described

human human loss human value
certain certain loss certain value
total total loss total value
original original loss original value
Other adjectives: single, sheer, actual, real, extreme, great, little, potential, personal, general, possible, less, significant, tremendous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Arms Dealer Unless they get busted by either the Arbites or Inquisition, a lot of arms dealers will run at a loss for the comparative value of the items they sell.
    Source: Arms Dealer
  • Inventory Management Puzzle However the "Transmute" spell alleviates this somewhat - you can transmute most items to gold for a percentage loss in value compared to selling them direct.
  • Theatre / Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier Ja'far laments the loss of so many creative minds and craftsmen, only to admit that it's his fault, because he "didn't have them producing anything of value". OUCH.
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