Loud and Soft


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Loud adjective – Marked by a high volume of sound.
Usage example: loud music that could be heard all over the neighborhood

Soft is an antonym for loud in topics: noisy, blaring, offensive, quiet.
Nearby Word: loudly
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Soft adjective – Not loud in pitch or volume.
Usage example: soft music played in the background while we ate

Loud is an antonym for soft in topics: quiet, faint, compassionate, stupid, hard.
Nearby Words: soften, softness, softly, softening, softie
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Things that words describes

girl loud girl soft girl
manner loud manner soft manner
man loud man soft man
sound loud sound soft sound
Other nouns: style, music, voice, pop, version, rock, song, colors, voices, sounds, noises.

Both words in one sentence

  • This movement, the 4th of the cantata, has been called a century ahead of its time - no other work of the Baroque era has such an interesting combination of loud and soft sections.
  • The guitars have heavy distortion and plenty of feedback (usually), songs often consist of both loud and soft sections, and the lyrics are often pretty personal, influencing lots of more angsty genres such as Nu Metal and modern emo bands.
    Source: Grunge
  • One quite jarring example is from "Gloria in excelsis deo", in which the loud, epic chorus transitions to a slow, soft one before gradually becoming as loud as it was at the start of the movement.
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