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Low adjective – Being near the equator.
Maximum is an antonym for low.
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Maximum adjective – Of the highest degree.
Usage example: he always puts out maximum effort

Low is an antonym for maximum in topics: highest, upper limit.
Nearby Words: maximize, maximise, maximal, maximization, maximally
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Similar words of low
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Similar words of maximum
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How words are described

high high low high maximum
specific specific low specific maximum
hard hard low hard maximum
absolute absolute low absolute maximum
Other adjectives: new, temporary, next.

Things that words describes

skill low skill maximum skill
capacity low capacity maximum capacity
power low power maximum power
life low life maximum life
Other nouns: attack, score, accuracy, value, rank, amount, number, rate, range, time, speed, level, health, cap, durability, magic, population, altitude, defense, armor, ammo, rating, points, stats, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Programming Language The reason for using low level languages is for maximum performance and maximum flexibility.
  • Pocket Protector Meant for public executions, it used a special low-power cartridge for minimum noise, and an expanding (dum-dum) bullet for maximum damage from the low power.
  • Adressing the huge numbers of units you can control in StarCraft, Warcraft III introduced a maximum number of units you can build that is very low compared to other similar games at the time.
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