Lower and Upgrade


Lower verb - To reduce to a lower standing in one's own eyes or in others' eyes.
Usage example: how could you lower yourself by passing off someone else's work as your own?

Upgrade is an antonym for lower in belittle topic.

Nearby Words: lowered, lowering, lowermost, lowercase


Upgrade verb - To move higher in rank or position.
Usage example: upgraded them to first class

Lower is an antonym for upgrade in improve topic.

Nearby Words: upgrading, upgraded, upgradable

Common collocations

magic lower magic upgrade magic
defense lower defense upgrade defense
sword lower sword upgrade sword
points lower points upgrade points
Other words: attacks, defenses, weapons, stats, shields.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Tales Of Honor The Secret Fleet The HMS Courageous also has 2 missile batteries but has a higher Weapons upgrade cap, allowing for more missiles per salvo (The Blackavar has a lower cap but a significantly higher reload rate).
  • Sequence Breaking Normally, the player has to get the Diffusion Missile upgrade to escape from the lower levels of Sector 4.
  • A few reasons: One, it's the cheapest weapon to upgrade in the game, this means it can be fully upgraded at a much lower cost than some of the pricier, flashier attacks.
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