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Lowest adjective – Being the least in amount, number, or size possible.
Usage example: I play my radio at the lowest volume, but the neighbors still complain about the noise

Maximum is an antonym for lowest.
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Maximum adjective – Of the greatest or highest degree or quantity.
Usage example: the maximum amount of time needed to complete the project

Lowest is an antonym for maximum in topics: greatest, highest.
Nearby Words: maximize, maximise, maximal, maximization, maximally
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  • The Casey Bat from EarthBound had the maximum possible attack power, but also the lowest hit rate, actually giving it lower average damage than other bats available at the same stage of the game.
  • But what makes her this is her potential; she has some, if not the best, mix-ups and mind-games out of anyone, and her ultra's and supers are the highest damaging in the game, with a maximum potential of near twice the lowest damage and a good 30% higher than the closest competitor.
  • You can set your horsepower to the lowest possible setting (beyond stage 40, that's 600 horsepower out of the maximum of at least 800).
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