Lying and Straight


Lying adjective - Telling or containing lies.
Usage example: that lying son of a gun told me that the used car had never been in an accident

Straight is an antonym for lying in deceitful topic.


Straight adjective - Going straight to the point clearly and firmly.
Usage example: a politician who can never give a straight answer to questions about his positions

Lying is an antonym for straight.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Small Favor Villains Never Lie: Harry notes that Marcone usually plays this straight with him, rarely lying and instead just refusing to tell him, knowing Harry would suspect a ruse.
  • Series / Gosei Sentai Dairanger And when an actual Gorma appeared, Ryō didn't bother to go thinking Shōji was lying again, until Master Kaku sets him straight immediately.
  • Coming-Out Story Kate: [Raises her sun-glasses, looks him straight in the eyes] I'd have been lying.
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