Lying and Two-faced


Lying adjective - Telling or containing lies.
Usage example: that lying son of a gun told me that the used car had never been in an accident

Two-faced is a synonym for lying in dishonest topic. In some cases you can use "Two-faced" instead the word "Lying" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like deceitful, untruthful. popular alternative


Two-faced adjective - Not being or expressing what one appears to be or express.

Lying is a synonym for two-faced in deceitful topic. You can use "Lying" instead the phrase "Two-faced" as an adjective or a noun. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Theatre / Coriolanus Unfortunately, his contempt for the commoners (and for lying, two-faced politicians) is such that he considers it a good thing that he is totally open about what he thinks of them.
  • You really are a two-faced, backstabbing, lying little (Censor again)!
  • In The Windup Girl by Paulo Bacigalupi, Doctor Chan informs the reader that Hok Seng is good and kind, yet throughout the book he is two-faced, lying, cheating, thieving, swindling, bigoted, manipulative, exploitative and generally psychopathic.
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