Machinery and System


Machinery noun - A system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions.
Usage example: the complex machinery of negotiation
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Synonyms for Machinery

System is a synonym for machinery in administration topic. In some cases you can use "System" instead a noun "Machinery", when it comes to topics like scheme, workings, devices performing work.

Nearby Words: machine, machining


System noun - Something made up of many interdependent or related parts.
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Synonyms for System

Machinery is a synonym for system in scheme topic. You can use "Machinery" instead a noun "System".

Nearby Words: systematic, systemic

How words are described

human human machinery human system
old old machinery old system
special special machinery special system
elaborate elaborate machinery elaborate system
Other adjectives: better, complex, alien, massive, complicated, inner, internal, sophisticated, new, advanced, political, broken, military, underground, basic, modern, automated, magical, electrical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unwilling Roboticisation Prudith accidentally takes her place, and has her body entirely destroyed, save for her brain, eyes, and nervous system, and has it replaced with new body parts and machinery.
  • This is assuming that the one-person-industrial-revolution knows how all of this stuff is supposed to work - the machinery, the institutions, and the economic system - in the first place, anyhow.
  • So the reactor system, including cooling pumps and other machinery, runs all the time.
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