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Magical adjective – Having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers.
Usage example: the child prodigy's musical talent is so spectacular that it seems magical

Occult is a synonym for magical in supernatural topic. In some cases you can use "Occult" instead an adjective "Magical", when it comes to topics like enchanting, bewitching. popular alternative
Nearby Words: magic, magician, mage, magically
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Occult adjective – Having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers.
Usage example: Great Britain's Stonehenge is one of those occult places where people expect something of cosmic significance to happen

Magical is a synonym for occult in supernatural topic. You can use "Magical" instead an adjective "Occult", if it concerns topics such as enchanting, mysterious. popular alternative
Nearby Words: occultism, occultist, occultly, occulted, occulting
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Things that words describes

power magical power occult power
equivalent magical equivalent occult equivalent
society magical society occult society
knowledge magical knowledge occult knowledge
Other nouns: means, ritual, spell, world, book, version, items, elements, forces, powers, artifacts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Psychic Powers Many of Stephen King's novels (and the film adaptations) concern someone with Psychic Powers; the origin may be scientific or magical/occult depending on the novel.
  • Amberdrake himself also qualifies to a certain extent as he was a recognized Empath and Healer from a very young age until sent to a renowned, cutting-edge medical school that refused to recognize magical/occult abilities.
  • Having his bones subjected to a horribly painful occult treatment and then used as components to build a magical violin which acts as a powerful occult weapon.
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