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Make verb – Gather and light the materials for.
Usage example: make a fire

Prepare is a synonym for make in formulate topic. In some cases you can use "Prepare" instead a verb "Make", when it comes to topics like prepared, enact, create. popular alternative
Nearby Words: makeup, making, maker
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Prepare verb – To put (something) into proper and usually carefully worked out written form.
Usage example: the CEO asked his assistant to prepare a statement for the press

Make is a synonym for prepare in prepared topic. You can use "Make" instead a verb "Prepare", if it concerns topics such as cook, make or get ready. popular alternative
Nearby Words: prepared, preparation, prep, preparing, preparedness
Synonyms for Prepare

Common collocations

attack make attack prepare attack
people make people prepare people
speech make speech prepare speech
peace make peace prepare peace
Other nouns: show, way, world, escape.

Both words in one sentence

  • Brick Joke A few chapters later, he does prepare the dish when Ryuuichi receives a love letter in his locker the very day he returns home, as if he were prepared to make the dish for that very moment.
    Source: Brick Joke
  • Video Game / Subvein Prepare to fork out some dough for them, though, and make sure you're prepared to either live or race to your corpse to see whether it's still there.
  • Manga / Gourmet Girl Graffiti They learn to prepare a couple of dishes, if somewhat marginally in some cases, after realizing they don't want to make Ryou cook all the time for them.
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