Make peace and War

Make peace

Make peace verb - End hostilities.
Usage example: The brothers who had been fighting over their inheritance finally made peace

War is an antonym for make peace.


War verb - Make or wage war.

Make peace is an antonym for war in fight topic.

Nearby Words: warship, wartime

Both terms in one sentence

  • The people had at that point become tired of the whole war and just wanted an end of it, so majority of them had voted on PA because they had hoped they could make peace possible.
  • She tried her hardest to make peace with LTTE and end the war, but the cruel reality kinda broke all her efforts to make that possible.
  • Silly Reason for War The generals admit to having no clue what they're fighting about, and quickly make peace when Clark explains the whole war is a scam to sell armaments.
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