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Mark noun – A number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance).
Usage example: she made good marks in algebra

Rating is a synonym for mark in grade topic. In some cases you can use "Rating" instead a noun "Mark", when it comes to topics like assessment.
Nearby Words: marked, marker, marking, marksman, markup
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Rating noun – Standing or position on a scale.
Mark is a synonym for rating in assessment topic. You can use "Mark" instead a noun "Rating", if it concerns topics such as grade.
Nearby Word: rated
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How words are described

high high mark high rating
special special mark special rating
similar similar mark similar rating
perfect perfect mark perfect rating
Other adjectives: certain, original, true, powerful, bad, new, final, highest, next, different, eponymous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Early Childhood Rating The EC rating is generally unused, with only 268 titles having that mark, and most publishers go for an E rating to avoid losing financial viability.
  • Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword go into the halfway mark with an E10+ rating.
  • The eC rating is also generally unused, with only 268 titles having that mark (mostly specialized titles specifically made for young children), and most publishers go for an E rating to avoid that Kiss of Death.
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