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Mark noun – Overall quality as seen or judged by people in general.
Usage example: a brand of crystal that bears the mark of excellence

Regard is a synonym for mark in observe topic. In some cases you can use "Regard" instead the word "Mark" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like importance, listen, watch, notice. archaic substitute
Nearby Words: marked, marker, marking, marksman, markup
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Regard verb – To make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes.
Usage example: she regarded him with astonishment when he announced he had gotten engaged

Mark is a synonym for regard in attention topic. Sometimes you can use "Mark" instead the word "Regard" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as listen, watch, look at, knowledge.
Synonyms for Regard

How words are described

high high mark high regard
physical physical mark physical regard
low low mark low regard
clear clear mark clear regard
Other adjectives: special, similar, common, certain, genuine, single, small, distinct, real, little, important, ultimate, highest, last.

Common collocations

character mark character regard character
work mark work regard work
people mark people regard people
series mark series regard series
Other nouns: death, way, everyone, stories, animals.

Both words in one sentence

  • Due to the Dead One mark that distinguishes humans from nonhumans is that humans have funeral rites; they regard something as due to the dead and have for a long time.
  • Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism Uncanny Valley Robots - Robots which are almost human, but miss the mark in a few key places, causing people to pick up on the "devil in the details" and regard them as just plain creepy.
  • Literature / The Space Trilogy aka: Perelandra Worse, they regard the charlady and her convict husband as on a par with Jane and Mark!
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