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Marked adjective – Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: walks with a marked limp

Noticeable is a synonym for marked in see topic. In some cases you can use "Noticeable" instead an adjective "Marked", when it comes to topics like conspicuous, remarkable, apparent. popular alternative
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Noticeable adjective – Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: the stain on the new carpet was quite noticeable, and nothing we did made it any lighter

Marked is a synonym for noticeable in conspicuous topic. You can use "Marked" instead an adjective "Noticeable", if it concerns topics such as see, distinct, remarkable. popular alternative
Nearby Words: notice, noticeably, noticed, noticing
Synonyms for Noticeable

Things that words describes

tendency marked tendency noticeable tendency
change marked change noticeable change
lack marked lack noticeable lack
cut marked cut noticeable cut
Other nouns: resemblance, number, effect, way, example, influence, spot, contrast, difference, hair, increase, improvement, spots, traits, differences, similarities.

Both words in one sentence

  • The original games at least had "invisible" items be marked by a noticeable bulge on the seabed, but in the remakes the items are completely invisible.
  • Video Game / Gothic The Black Troll is a very noticeable example, so threatening and prominent it's marked on your map, but it can't turn at a decent rate and is easily circle strafed.
  • Music / J Dilla The album marked a noticeable change in his production style, retaining it's soulful vibe, but also becoming more experimental, with a clear electronic influence.
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