Martinet and Tyrant


Martinet noun - Someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms.
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Synonyms for Martinet

Tyrant is a synonym for martinet in disciplinarian topic. In some cases you can use "Tyrant" instead a noun "Martinet", when it comes to topics like over. popular alternative

Nearby Words: martin, Martine


Tyrant noun - A person who uses power or authority in a cruel, unjust, or harmful way.
Usage example: the people universally feared the tyrant, who was notorious for his frequent use of torture
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Synonyms for Tyrant

Martinet is a synonym for tyrant in over topic. You can use "Martinet" instead a noun "Tyrant", if it concerns topics such as oppresses, slave-driver. popular alternative

Nearby Words: tyrannical, tyranny

How words are described

notorious notorious martinet notorious tyrant
absolute absolute martinet absolute tyrant
unstable unstable martinet unstable tyrant
sadistic sadistic martinet sadistic tyrant
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