Meal and Spread


Meal noun - Food eaten or prepared for eating at one time.
Usage example: all she wants to do is sit quietly after the large Thanksgiving meal
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Synonyms for Meal

Spread is a synonym for meal in food topic. In some cases you can use "Spread" instead a noun "Meal", when it comes to topics like cooking, repast. informal substitute

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Spread noun - A meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed.
Usage example: they put out quite a spread

Meal is a synonym for spread in food topic. You can use "Meal" instead a noun "Spread", if it concerns topics such as cooking.

Nearby Words: spreading, spreader

How words are described

good good meal good spread
full full meal full spread
nice nice meal nice spread
best best meal best spread
Other adjectives: single, actual, entire, real, large, big, great, huge, decent, gigantic, larger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Long List He spread malicious rumours that the English planned taxes on land, corn, cattle, meal, malt, horses, sheep, cocks and hens.
    Source: Long List
  • Staring Down Cthulhu Reed Richards takes it like a religious conversion that he needs to spread, Colonel America starts chowing down on government officials hidden in presidential bunkers, Thor's hammer abandons him, and Spider-Man's first meal as a zombie is Aunt May and Mary Jane. Doom?
  • Tabletop Game / Call of Cthulhu It has the gruesome remnants of an earlier meal spread around - hands, feet, and even more grisly bits of human debris.
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