Mean and Vile


Mean adjective - Not following or in accordance with standards of honor and decency.
Usage example: a mean trick to play on a trusting person

Vile is a synonym for mean in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Vile" instead the word "Mean" as an adjective or an adverb, when it comes to topics like good, right, shabby, contemptible. popular alternative

Nearby Words: means, meaning, meanness, meant, meanly


Vile adjective - Not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable.
Usage example: a vile plot to murder their political enemies

Mean is a synonym for vile in good topic. You can use "Mean" instead the word "Vile" as an adjective or a verb or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as right, base, offensive, shabby. popular alternative

Nearby Words: vilify, vilely

Both words in one sentence

  • Noodle Implements We're informed that they're particularly vile, but as Elayne doesn't know what they mean the reader is never informed.
  • Western Animation / Monsters, Inc. Before The Reveal showing how grossly vile he really is, the former is only depicted as cocky and mean, thus less surprising than the latter Mole.
  • But if you call him out on being vile or don't let him get his way then he'll start crying and whining that everyone is mean to him and that he works so hard to please and gets no respect.
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