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Message noun – A piece of conveyed information.
Usage example: answered the phone and took a message

Note is a synonym for message in communication topic. In some cases you can use "Note" instead a noun "Message", when it comes to topics like thing, language.
Nearby Words: messaged, messaging
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Note noun – A usually brief written reminder.
Message is a synonym for note in thing topic. You can use "Message" instead a noun "Note".
Nearby Words: noted, notation, noting, Noteholder
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How words are described

special special message special note
long long message long note
similar similar message similar note
short short message short note
Other adjectives: positive, original, fake, single, simple, real, cryptic, wrong, little, ominous, threatening, important, personal, new, general, final, mysterious, forged, last, different, written, farewell.

Both words in one sentence

  • Wakui pulls out a cellphone similar to Ai's and smiles at the note, to note that he's the receiver of the message.
  • Message in a Bottle Third, it's a workable Framing Device, both in the sense that the message spurs all the action of the story but also that the message can relate all of the action of the story, if the note turns out to be detailed.
  • Message in a Bottle It had a note for the finder about who to send it to, and, incredibly, the intended recipient got the message just two days later.
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