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Metaphysical adjective – Dealing with or expressing a quality or idea.
Usage example: a work that deals with such metaphysical questions as the very nature of knowledge

Spiritual is a synonym for metaphysical in supernatural topic. In some cases you can use "Spiritual" instead an adjective "Metaphysical", when it comes to topics like body, transcendental, not physical. popular alternative
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Spiritual adjective – Not composed of matter.
Usage example: a staunch skeptic and realist, he scoffs at the very notion of ghosts and other spiritual entities

Metaphysical is a synonym for spiritual in body topic. You can use "Metaphysical" instead an adjective "Spiritual", if it concerns topics such as transcendent, supernatural, religious, nonmaterial. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spirit, spirited, spiritualistic, spirituality, spirituous
Synonyms for Spiritual

Things that words describes

sense metaphysical sense spiritual sense
bond metaphysical bond spiritual bond
link metaphysical link spiritual link
connection metaphysical connection spiritual connection
Other nouns: energy, power, force, entity, form, realm, level, plane, world, journey, embodiment, forces, worlds, themes, aspects.

Both words in one sentence

  • A good example would be the Technical Death Metal band Meshuggah, whose lyrics usually deal with complex metaphysical and spiritual themes yet are rendered almost completely unintelligible by frontman Jens Kidman's brutal, Dalek-like shout.
  • Clarke's Third Law Neon Genesis Evangelion tends to blur the lines between the scientific, esoteric/metaphysical and divine/spiritual.
  • The metaphysical Seth books by Jane Roberts purport to have been dictated by a spiritual being.
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