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Method noun – The means or procedure for doing something.
Usage example: the city council is stuck in the last century and needs to adopt more modern methods for doing things

Way is a synonym for method in means topic. In some cases you can use "Way" instead a noun "Method", when it comes to topics like manner, mode, tack, instrumentality. popular alternative
Nearby Words: methodical, methodize, methodically, methodic, Methodism
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Way noun – The means or procedure for doing something.
Usage example: figured out the best way to accomplish the task

Method is a synonym for way in manner topic. You can use "Method" instead a noun "Way", if it concerns topics such as means, mode, instrumentality. popular alternative
Synonyms for Way

How words are described

preferred preferred method preferred way
old old method old way
good good method good way
best best method best way
Other adjectives: exact, better, similar, normal, usual, common, certain, standard, proper, effective, real, quick, main, interesting, easy, new, unique, traditional, possible, primary, different, fastest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Roleplay / Academy Of Merlin Intimate Healing: Defibrillation might be the fastest way to wake someone up, but it's in no way preferred due to the method.
  • Knotty Tentacles While the tentacle monster in Futurama's "Beast with a Billion Backs" is not defeated this way, this method or a similar one is used to delay Leela's capture to it.
  • It turned out to be a two-way mirror, which would have been a far better communications method than the fireplace he'd used before—and therefore a far better method of verifying Sirius's status.
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