Middle and Outer


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Middle adjective – Occupying a position equally distant from the ends or extremes.
Usage example: you must mark the exact middle point of each of these lines in order to solve the problem

Outer is an antonym for middle in central topic.
Nearby Words: middling, middlemost, middled, middleware
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Outer adjective – Situated on the outside or farther out.
Usage example: the outer edge of the blade of your figure skate always wears out faster than the inner because you use it more

Middle is an antonym for outer in external topic.
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Things that words describes

part middle part outer part
form middle form outer form
parts middle parts outer parts
level middle level outer level
Other nouns: layer, ring.

Both words in one sentence

  • Haven't heard the outer senshi yet (we're still in the middle of Sailor Moon R), but I've heard rumors about Olivia Olsen playing Haruka/Sailor Uranus.
  • Film / X-Men Origins: Wolverine Flipping the Bird: Wolverine does it to Gambit, by retracting his outer two claws and leaving the middle.
  • Combos In Sega Pinball's Batman Forever, a "Batarang" is a Combo for shooting the left outer loop, clockwise over the top, then up the middle ramp.
    Source: Combos
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