Mild and Sharp


Mild adjective - Marked by temperatures that are neither too high nor too low.

Sharp is an antonym for mild in easygoing topic.

Nearby Words: mildness, mildly


Sharp adjective - Having a powerfully stimulating odor or flavor.
Usage example: that cheese is so sharp that its rank aroma can practically clear a room

Mild is an antonym for sharp in topics: cutting, sour, distinct, severe, dishonest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood The thing the dad does in Who's Your Daddy to prevent his baby from killing themselves tend to be pretty mild such as locking cabinets and keeping cleaning supplies and sharp objects out of reach.
  • Luke is a calm, mild-mannered Jedi Knight while Leia is a quick-tempered, sharp-tongued political leader.
  • Fighting Clown Street Fighter V makes Birdie into one, by giving him the ability to throw banana peels and soda cans to attack, which is a sharp departure from the series' usual mix of realistic, but slightly embellished martial arts with mild supernatural elements.
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